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What makes Career Guidance & Counselling a Success?

Documentation of the online event on 24.09.2021

About fifty Career Guidance and Counselling professionals and experts from different networks attended from all over the world the intense and rich discussion on 24th of September 2021. The event offered a whole battery of insights from different counselling experiences, working from all over the globe on the same topic.

The event started officially with a speech of Dr. Wolfgang Schlegel, Founder and Managing Director of INBAS. Following the introduction, see the overview of the group of participants.


Presentation: introduction (PDF 580KB)


Emad Helmy, senior technical expert for career guidance of “Career Advisory Tools international” reported how he managed to insert career guidance into technical education in Egypt.


Presentation: case study (Egypt) Emad Helmy (PDF 96KB)


Professor Patricia Olmos Rueda showed how she is working in Barcelona with blended media mentoring and other strategies to counter the risk factors for dropping out in upper secondary schools.


Presentation: case study (Spain) Orienta4YEL, Patricia Olmos Rueda (PDF 640KB)


The two counselling specialists from QuABB in Germany, Edona Krcmari and Nina Becker, presented a selected counselling case from which essential success factors of counselling they derived.


Presentation: case study (Germany) QuABB, Edona Krcmari + Nina Becker (PDF 359KB)


See which essential success factors for good counselling the audience expressed.

Mentimeter Keyword (6.216 KB)


Daniel Santos, counsellor of INBAS and working for MoAB in Frankfurt, stated the factors for success in the recognition for foreign qualifications. 


Presentation: transnational perspective Daniel Santos, MoAB (PDF 189KB)


Again, professor Patricia Olmos Rueda presented the scientific findings of the Erasmus+Programme Orienta4Yel and pointed out the conclusions regarding the role of an adult mentor for young learners at risk to leave education.


Presentation: west-european perspective Patricia Olmos Rueda (PDF 657KB)

Dr. Irene Psifidou from CEDEFOP continued to elaborate on the role of career guidance and counselling for tackling early leaving and emphasised necessary key factors for a wider European perspective. 


Presentation: Irene Psifidou (PDF 686KB)


Global South perspective Raza Abbas: The global career practitioner Raza Abbas illuminated the attitude with which he is implementing parental career guidance and career reforms initiatives in Pakistan. 


Presentation: global South perspective Raza Abbas (PDF 250KB)


Panel discussion: Henn, Beck, Santos, Olmos, Helmy, Abbas: In the following panel discussion, the hosts Michaela Henn and Sabine Beck had a vivid discussion with four of the experts starting from the concept of calling and identity, the client and counsellor relation and counsellors’’ mandate. 



Raza Abbas (Global Career Practitioner)
Nina Becker (FRESKO e.V.)
Emad Helmy (Career Advisory Tools [CAT] International)
Edona Krcmari (GWAB)
Dr. Irène Psifidou (CEDEFOP)
Prof. Patricia Olmos Rueda (UAB)
Daniel Santos (INBAS)

Dr. Sabine Beck (INBAS)
Michaela Henn (INBAS)

Contact: Dr. Sabine Beck, INBAS GmbH, +49 69 27224 853, sabine.beck@inbas.com